Miko Inn is the best. I have so many positive things to say about the staff, the owner, the physical environment, and meals. It’s like a home. The staff are very caring and respective of any special needs of the patients. They will help with physical therapy, ensure patients get their medications including any breathing treatments, and generally just always be there for them. They do a good job documenting all this and keeping the family informed of patient supply needs and conditions.

What I believe separates Miko from others is the staff including the owner, Tony. They are a very caring and efficient team. They treat each other like family and this carries on to the patients and the patients’ immediate family members. The home is very welcoming from the staff to the physical set-up. When you go to visit you are welcome to eat with your patient, watch TV with or without them, read, catch up on work or take a nap yourself. Feels like home.

The patients and their immediate families, we all get along. Tony does a nice job screening new patients.

I have both my Japanese-American born parents at Miko and they really have adjusted well and now consider this their home. If they were to physically pass while at the Miko house, I would truly be able to say they were at home and surrounded by family and friends.

Peter Y.

Happy to be there…’When my wife became terminally ill requiring hospice care; I didn’t want her moved from Miko Inn due to the good care and supervision provided. Her Doctor from UCLA visited the facility to check the situation. She was happily surprised and impressed by the Cleanliness of the place, the dedication of the staff and the level of care under such circumstances. Simply put, Miko Inn deserves to be recognized as a unique facility

Ted Jordan

Great Place… ‘The Palisades Villa was recommended by a trusted friend and I am grateful for the professional care provided by the staff. The caregivers have been most helpful in the management of my husband’s needs. The facility Is very well maintained, and the meals are not only delicious but nutritionally balanced. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the Client’s needs are the top priority of the entire staff. Our family is grateful to have found such an outstanding facility. This experience has greatly reduced the stress for all of us.

Pal Tarle

HOME AWAY FROM HOME… “Based on my daily visit and close observation to your facility, I just wanted you to know that I have found the PALISADES VILLA to be very special for my husband, Jack, and for me. The personal care for all five or six of the patients in this delightful setting is most consoling for all the families as well as the elderly inmates. The helpers are all very caring which helps all of us family members to relax.

Simply, because of these happy facts and happy living, I am proud to agree with your business announcement: “WITH US IS LIKE HOME AWAY FROM HOME.”

Barbara Garett

I am so grateful to have found The Palisades Villa for my Grandmother. I have been to many assisted living facilities over the years, and Palisades Villa is truly 5 stars when it comes to care, cleanliness, accommodations and food. It is more of an extension of my grandmother’s own home than assisted living. Her room is elegant and spacious, she is delighted with all her meals and the staff treats her as family would. My heart is at ease knowing she is in a safe environment where she is happy and so well cared for.

Pam Conway

To Whom it May Concern:

We moved our mother to The Palisades Villa from a highly regarded facility on the East Coast and wish we had moved her sooner. In every aspect, the quality of care that she received at The Palisades Villa was excellent and far superior to that of her previous situation. The physical accommodations at The Palisades Villa are lovely. They provide comfort and privacy as well as a sense of home. Her room was light and spacious as was the entire facility. Most important, the entire staff was superb. Not only were they all skilled caregivers, but they treated her with unfailing warmth, respect and care. We are especially grateful to Tony who addressed all of our mother’s individual needs with competence and concern and was able to come up with solutions that worked for her.

All of her children and grandchildren concur in highly recommending this facility.

Ken Miller for THE MILLER FAMILY, Pacific Palisades, California

Ken Miller
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