Care & Supervision


Our dedication to our residents will recreate the feelings of security and comfort that typifies a healthy home environment.


  • Daily assisted care is provided by 24-hour attendants.
  • In serious medical situations, attendants are prepared to contact 911 paramedics, the resident’s family and personal physician.
  • We provide dementia care and incontinent care.
  • We maintain a complete medication record.
  • Assisted care in bathing and dressing.
  • Maid and laundry services and special grooming assistance.
  • Medications are safely stored and carefully dispensed according to physician specifications.


  • We have a RN on Call 24 Hours as Health Consultant
  • We have a high ratio of caregivers to residents: for 6 residents we have 3 caregivers on duty during the day and 1 caregiver awake at night.
  • Skilled compassionate staff trained in geriatric care.
  • Every member of the facility team is committed to serving each resident in a caring and compassionate manner.
  • Carefully chosen and specially trained, each staff member understands and believes in the power of kind words.

All our staff receive continuous training, mainly handling medication and dementia care.


Care and Supervision:

Compassionate Care with Dignity While encouraging independence, we include valuable assistance in daily living as with the help of feeding and every other personal need.

  • All our facilities are equipped with ramps for wheel chair use
  • And all are fenced and gated for dementia residents
  • All bathrooms are equipped for handicapped residents.



Each day, 3 delicious meals and 2 snacks are served in our elegant dining room.

Special dietary needs are observed, and personal tastes accommodated.


Recreational Activities

Geared towards Minimizing Depression and Loneliness

Social interaction and recreational activities are an important way of ensuring the well-being of our residents as well as maintaining agility and mental alertness. Indoor and outdoor activities include newspaper reading, games, movies, stretching and light exercises, music therapy, sing-along, reading, gardening and good conversations with our friendly and caring staff besides the Birthday parties and Holyday Celebrations.

Activities are tailored to the individual abilities of our residents.



Van Equipped with Electric Lift

We provide transportation to and from medical, dental appointments, emergency situations or outside activities. Special services are available upon request.

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